Essential Logistics, LLC was founded in 2005 by Luis Galicia and Jason Elser.

Both founders come from an extensive transportation and logistics background through previous employment.


Essential Logistics has built an outstanding reputation for service utilizing our experience and core values. Experience comes from a long history of transporting valve bodies frac assemblies, directional motors, collars, wireline units and/or operations equipment, including a host of other oil/gas equipment.


Essential has a strong and flexible business plan built to suit its customers’ needs, while maintaining a customer base of diverse energy companies, manufacturers, directional companies, motor shops, and service companies.


Essential realizes the high risk associated with oilfield operations, and ensures the latest training and licensing available for safety are met i.e. Safeland, H2S, ISNetworld member, and intra-company safety guidelines.

Essential is well aware of the requirements of many energy companies, including retention of certain data including well names, rig numbers, API/AFE numbers, job numbers, and stamp/signatures of Company Men. We ensure these requirements are fulfilled each and every time.


We understand that it is not just our name on the line, but yours as well, and will act accordingly at all times. As such, all drivers and personnel conduct themselves with the highest level of respect and professionalism.