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Muti-Truck Projects

An array of trucks at our disposal, there is no project too big for us to handle.

Storage & Laydown Yards

Handle thousands of different assets as they are continuously being checked in and out of the yards.

Excellent Service

Pride ourselves in providing excellent service and professionalism throughout any project.

Expedited Loads

We provide expedited loads for quick and fast transports to and from the worksite.

why us?

Founded in 2008, Essential Logistics has since grown to a fleet of over 100 power units. Our business model is strong enough to weather the harshest downturns, and flixible enough to grow in new directions almost immediately to respond to our clients needs. We have been able to maintain this growth by building a culture of shared responsibility and teamwork. After all, we understand that it is not just our name on the line, but yours as well. As such, all personnel conduct themselves with the highest levels of professionalism at all times.


Edgar Torres

"Essential Logistics took care of all my transportation needs!"

Xavier Buenano

"Speaking from experience, Essential Logistics has always been my preferred trucking company while I managed the motor facility at Scientific  Drilling."

Laura Smith

"They were there every step of the way, making sure things got done right."

Tim Scott

"The level of professionalism was at awesome. Their team knew exactly what they were doing."

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13201 Northwest Freeway Suite 225
Houston, TX 77040

Office: (713)-463-8118
Fax: (713)-463-8743